One man’s journey with Rainbow Six: Siege

This all started with a catastrophic knee injury in early 2016…

At the time, I was training and competing in mixed martial arts, and I had just started my business, helping people to lose weight and feel great.

I had lost 100 lbs., quit my job as a band director and science teacher to pursue my dreams. I knew video games were a part of it. I just didn’t know how.

Rainbow Six: Siege had just been released the week of the second (and last) MMA fight I ever had.

Not long after that I tore my ACL, which is a very important ligament in your knee. Next thing you know, I’m like, “Uh-oh… What do I do now?”

All of a sudden, I couldn’t train my clients anymore, at least not with the “hands-on” way I was used to.

There was a(n ironic) six week timeframe where I was either in physical therapy or I was on the couch. There was no in between. It was kind of hard to coach people at that time. I believed that since I was broken and not at the pinnacle of health, I couldn’t possibly be a great health coach. So I decided that I was going to start streaming Siege.

Rainbow Six: Siege had a way of taking my mind off the tremendous pain I was experiencing.

I’d rather be hooked on video games than painkillers any day of the week. I had always wanted to be a professional gamer, but I thought that I wasn’t good enough. Now was the time to give it a shot anyway.

I had started with the Rainbow Six franchise on the original XBox with Rainbow Six 3. I started playing Siege while it was in beta on the XBOX One in 2015.

After I started streaming Rainbow Six Siege, everything changed.

I loved the team aspect. I love playing with my friends. I loved the way Siege stimulated my mind like MMA. It got my heart racing and the wheels cranking in my mind just like the complex problem solving skills needed in a fight.

I absolutely loved everything about the game…even the broken parts.

Trust me, when it first came out, it really was broken. Not like the kids will tell you today that it’s broken…I mean, it was really broken.

Matchmaking didn’t work. The game would always crash. It was completely unbalanced. It was a mess.

The problem with that plan was my friends lost interest in the game for several reasons other than the ones above. To them, it was too unforgiving. They wanted to run and gun, and it killed them to have to sit out for minutes at a time after death. To me, that’s what made it special.

Before too long they had moved on, and I figured out that the console version of Siege was always going to be a second-rate version of the game so I caved and started playing on pc after getting into watching the pro’s.

I gotta be honest with you…

The transition from controller to mouse and keyboard was brutal, and I was feeling every bit of the ruthlessness of the game.

I was platinum on console. I was copper on pc…

I had no back up anymore. My reaction time seemed to be plummeting with every day that went by. I wasn’t sure if it was because of age or having become sedentary from injury.

Despite having the knowledge, my mechanical skills on pc were abysmal…it was the first game I ever played on pc after all.

It was frustrating losing gunfights I knew I had the advantage on. It was infuriating throwing rounds that should have been walks in the park to win.

To make matters worse, the toxicity in this game is next level. If you think the game is unforgiving, wait until you have a few interactions with the community after dropping the ball on an easy play… I feel sorry for the devs dealing with these entitled punks. I really do.

I had to accept the fact I was a beginner again, and Siege was just played differently on mnk as opposed to a controller.

As soon as I was able to get back on my feet and start training (myself and other people) again, I did.

I didn’t want to sit down and play games for hours at a time. It had turned into a job, and I felt like I was losing my passion for games that I used to enjoy, but Siege still called to me.

I dedicated myself to the game to the best of my abilities as a “boomer” average joe who would never be a pro who had a business to run and a family to take care of.

I still play up to 3 hours a day, but no more. I definitely cannot dedicate the time necessary to be at the tip top of competition. I don’t think my reaction time would allow me to be there anyway if I’m being completely honest.

I failed and failed and failed, time and time again…but I learned A LOT.

I was able to go from copper to a high gold/platinum MMR.

I figured out how to create and use angles to win more gunfights that negated a slow reaction time.

I was able to focus on strategies that have not changed since the game launched that ultimately results in winning as a team instead of focusing on tactics that change from season to season.

I was hesitant to even write this book, because I thought I wasn’t good enough as a current Gold 2.

It finally dawned on me that I could still help people who were brand new, struggling to switch platforms, or aging out on reaction time.

I could help people not give up on this amazing game. I could help people understand the subtle ins and outs of the game that they might be missing.

This book might not make you a pro or turn back time…

We must remember this game is not about k/d or individual performance (although we do work to grow every day as an individual).

This game is about working together and becoming something greater than ourselves…in game and in life!

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Originally published at on November 3, 2020.



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